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In this month’s episode of Friends in Formation, Richella, Nate, and James answer listener questions about losing faith, contentment, and where to start with spiritual practices.

Show Notes

[1:25] The three of you have been addressing questions/concerns from parents who are grieving at the waning faith of the children they so lovingly raised. I’m writing as the 22-year old son of two God-fearing parents. To put it try to put it concisely, here is my question: I barely know a life outside of church & a personal relationship with Jesus. All through high school and college I gave a lot of my life to serving ministries. But now that my faith is slipping away, I feel like not only a square peg in a round hole at church, but having lost a sense of mission/purpose, I also feel like a square peg in a round hole in the world. Losing faith has been doubly alienating. What advice do you have for someone who grew up in the church and is now losing faith? When I’m in a circle praying at Bible study, I ask myself, what am I even doing here?” I want my conviction-driven life back, but I don’t know how.… and it’s just so hard. 

[13:52] Paul says in Phil 4:12 – 13 that he has learned to be content through the strength of Christ. I lack contentment big time. I’ve looked for discussions of how to learn contentment but not found any that are not simplistic. Would you please speak to how one can learn contentment?

[28:17] I work with college students who are just beginning to become aware of their internal lives and engage in the spiritual rhythms. My question is: How do you begin to introduce spiritual practices to people who have little experience in engaging with their inner lives? 


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