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Show Notes

In this month’s episode of Friends in Formation, Nate, Richella, and James answer listener questions about which Christian Stream gives the most bang for the buck,” how to discern when to fast (or practice any spiritual discipline), and how to have spiritual conversations with kids who are grown.

[2:32] Of the Six Streams, which is the best one to sit in that gives the most bang for the buck in the journey of Christian spiritual formation?

[19:24] I struggle a lot in my day-to-day life with decision fatigue, second-guessing myself, and fears about not being good enough.” This past school term, I developed a very beneficial rhythm of weekly fasting and found the practice deeply helpful. However, now that I’m on my summer schedule that old rhythm no longer works well and I haven’t fasted consistently. Whenever it’s been a while since I’ve fasted, I start thinking about it frequently, even every day or every meal and fretting about whether it’s a good time or not…. Are there some stabilizing questions or thoughts that I can come back to when I start to debate fasting? What are valid vs. invalid reasons not to fast, be it in the moment or for a season? 

[37:50] What are some suggestions in talking to adult children about spiritual matters?

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