Chris Webb

Chris Webb

About Chris Webb

Chris Webb is a Benedictine Anglican priest, author, speaker and teacher dedicated to helping people experience a richer walk with God by growing in prayer and the spiritual life.

Chris works as Deputy Warden of Launde Abbey and Diocesan Spirituality Adviser to the Diocese of Leicester. He has ministered in a wide variety of contexts: as a former president of Renovaré in the USA, as parish priest in Welsh farming communities and steel-working towns, and even in a church for the homeless.

While his more than twenty years of ministry have not yet not resulted in the founding of any globally significant megachurches, they have offered such memorable work as blessing a fleet of a hundred tractors, leading fourteen church services in a single day, and teaching a Baptist church to sing Latin Gregorian chant.

Chris has degrees in Planetary and Space Physics from the University of Wales, and in Theology from Trinity College, Bristol. He is the author of two books: The Fire of the Word (2011) and God-Soaked Life (2017).

Chris and his wife Sally live in the heart of rural Leicestershire; they have four children and, usually, a home full of more visitors than rooms. In his spare time he enjoys long-distance running, early music, ice cream, and reading Dante.

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