Brian Kang

Brian Kang

About Brian Kang

Pastor Brian Kang is the Director of Renovaré Korea and a dynamic spiritual leader. With a passion for spiritual formation, Brian has embodied the role of a living link between East Asian and North American spiritual leaders.

Brian enjoys facilitating personable and meaningful connections. He has spent his career pastoring communities, guiding small groups, and mentoring church leadership. In his spiritual journey, Brian discovered a passion for directing conferences and events across the globe. Brian has organized gatherings throughout North America, from Hawaii to Canada. He’s also worked with a variety of churches and denominations in Asia; he has directed the largest Renovaré conference in Seoul, taught workshops in Singapore, and organized and led mentorship programs for pastors in China. Brian also specializes in leading spiritual formation workgroups for Renovaré, having created and led numerous in the past. In addition to his work with Renovaré, Brian remains passionate about intentional communications surrounding spirituality. He currently leads online spiritual meeting groups to guide and foster deeper connections with God.

Brian and his family currently call California's beautiful Bay Area home. He particularly enjoys morning walks with his wife Yoon beneath the greenery of the Redwood trees.

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