Here are some resources mentioned in Weary Leaders: Why is ministry burnout so prevalent, and what can we do to help? webinar conversation between Sean Nemecek, Bill and Kristi Gaultiere, and Carolyn Arends.


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Countdown Song

To Whom Shall We Go from the album — In the Morning by Carolyn Arends

Books by Sean Nemecek

The Weary Leader’s Guide to Burnout: A Journey from Exhaustion to Wholeness

Resources recommended by Sean Nemecek

Sean’s Website

Sean’s Blog 

PIR Ministries

Care Givers Forum

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

The Weary Leader’s Guide Website

Chuck DeGroat: When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse

Janet O. Hagberg, Robert A. Guelich: The Critical Journey, Stages in the Life of Faith


Resources from Bill and Kristi Gaultiere

Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith: Growing Emotionally and Spiritually through the Enneagram

Journey of the Soul: A Practical Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Growth

Your Best Life In Jesus’ Easy Yoke: Rhythms of Grace to De-Stress and Live Empowered

Soul Shepherding Institute retreats

Spiritual Direction Certificate program

Talk with a Sr Spiritual Director on the Soul Shepherding staff

Spiritual Growth Path Assessment

Other Soul Shepherding Self-Assessments Soul Shepherding videos, resources, and coaching to help pastors and leaders experience a renewing Sabbatical

Soul Shepherding Network: soul care groups, webinars, and spiritual formation resources.

  • CHRIST stages of faith for emotional and spiritual growth in Journey of the Soul”:

C Stage: Confidence in Christ 

H Stage: Help in Discipleship

R Stage: Responsibilities in Ministry

The Wall (transition, at any stage, more than once)

I Stage: Inner Journey 

S Stage: Spirit-Led Ministry

T Stage: Transforming Union

Soul Shepherding Website

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Resources from Carolyn Arends

Blog Post on Response Ability

Hard-Working Sloths (CT article)

Living Inside the Lord’s Prayer (Renovaré online course)

The Universe in 57 Words (Renovaré resource)

Carolyn’s personal newsletter

Other Resources Mentioned in the Webinar and Chat:

Lance Witt Replenish: Leading from a Healthy Soul

Jason Young, Jonathan Malm: Don’t Burn Out, Burn Bright: How to Thrive in Ministry for the Long Haul 

Wayne Cordeiro, Bob Buford: Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion 

Wayne Cordeiro: Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion

Chuck DeGroat: Wholeheartedness

Deer Ridge Ministries: Free pastors retreats. 

WinShape: Low-cost marriage retreats for pastors.

Tony Horsfall: Working from a Place of Rest

Glass Walls: Movie about pastoral burnout.