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The Universe in 57 Words

Seven Days Inside the Lord's Prayer

by Carolyn Arends

A free sev­en-day devo­tion­al for spir­i­tu­al renew­al from Renovaré.

When Jesus’ friends asked him how they should pray, he gave them — and us — the bril­liant­ly suc­cinct guide we call the Lord’s Prayer.” In a feat of cos­mic engi­neer­ing, Jesus man­aged to gath­er the entire water­front of human need and the vast ocean of God’s plans for his uni­verse in just 57 Greek words. We can pray those 57 words (or their Eng­lish equiv­a­lents) for a life­time and nev­er exhaust them.

Songs for Each Day

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“Who would have thought that the wonder and beauty of petitionary prayer could be captured in such a small number of words? Yet Jesus does that very thing in The Lord’s Prayer. Carolyn Arends wisely and insightfully shows us how.”
Chris Hall, Author of *Living Wisely with the Church Fathers*, Renovaré President

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