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Wrestling with Angels

Adventures in Faith and Doubt

by Carolyn Arends

I've always known that I was supposed to be a God believer, a God follower, a God lover, and even a God proclaimer. But I didn't know I could be—should be—a God wrestler. 

Life is messy. But life is also beautiful.

These are the twin themes that Renovaré's Director of Education Carolyn Arends opens up in her searching exploration of how God meets people in the ordinary moments of life. This humorous, tender, and passionate collection of personal stories illustrate the mysterious ways in which God works to draw people to himself.

  • Why the birth of her child and the death of a friend gave her a new perspective. 
  • What a prairie storm and the beauty of a bright red canyon can teach people about God.
  • How mismatched shoes and Bach oratorios can give readers a glimpse into a deeper mystery.

Fans of Don Miller and Anne Lamott will discover a kindred spirit in Carolyn and her transparent and gutsy meditations on life's unanswered questions and the One who can be found there.