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Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth

Spiritual Conversations Inspired by the Life & Lyrics of Rich Mullins

by Andrew Greer, Randy Cox, Carolyn Arends, Amy Grant

Rich Mullins was a once-in-a-lifetime singer/songwriter whose impact on Christian music and the church is still felt today, even twenty years after his passing. His words and music softened and inspired the most hardened hearts to believe. His was a ragged and raw faith of a pilgrim, poet, and prophet. Now more than a dozen of today’s singers, songwriters, producers, and authors — including Renovaré’s Carolyn Arends — gather to share never-before-heard stories and lessons that continue to influence their music and ministries today. These lessons, gleaned from Rich’s own struggles and pursuits, are combined with lyrics from unreleased Rich Mullins songs that will inspire longtime Mullins fans, new Christian music followers, and spiritual seekers trying to understand the reckless love of God. Foreword by Amy Grant.


About the Authors

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