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Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth

Spiritual Conversations Inspired by the Life & Lyrics of Rich Mullins

by Andrew Greer, Randy Cox, Carolyn Arends, Amy Grant

Rich Mullins was a once-in-a-life­time singer/​songwriter whose impact on Chris­t­ian music and the church is still felt today, even twen­ty years after his pass­ing. His words and music soft­ened and inspired the most hard­ened hearts to believe. His was a ragged and raw faith of a pil­grim, poet, and prophet. Now more than a dozen of today’s singers, song­writ­ers, pro­duc­ers, and authors — includ­ing Ren­o­varé’s Car­olyn Arends — gath­er to share nev­er-before-heard sto­ries and lessons that con­tin­ue to influ­ence their music and min­istries today. These lessons, gleaned from Rich’s own strug­gles and pur­suits, are com­bined with lyrics from unre­leased Rich Mullins songs that will inspire long­time Mullins fans, new Chris­t­ian music fol­low­ers, and spir­i­tu­al seek­ers try­ing to under­stand the reck­less love of God. Fore­word by Amy Grant.


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