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What is My Song?

by Dennis Linn, Sheila Linn, Matt Linn

A boy in an East African village grows up knowing that his special role in life is to be a protector. When he saves his baby brother from a fire, and when he saves his little sister from drowning, the village people sing his special song. Then one day in anger, he throws a stone at another boy and blinds him. When the community sings his song, he apologizes, offers help, and the injured boy gets better. The authors mention that the story is based on an African fable, though they never tell which one, and the book’s spiritual message is reinforced in a long note aimed at Christian parents and caregivers. The story is plainly told, and the clear, realistic watercolors show daily life in the rural setting without exotic picturesque dress and tourist gimmickry. The boy’s failure and remorse will move young listeners: the last picture shows a white child, hand on his heart, listening for his own song.



Lovely, positive book for children and adults about being loved, having unique personal gifts to share, and being responsible for our actions. Parent guide on last pages to utilize book ideas in your own family. —Barb McRae (Amazon reviewer)
Barb McRae, Amazon Reviewer

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