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Theology in Aisle Seven

The Uncommon Grace of Everyday Spirituality

by Carolyn Arends

One of the most affect­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tors in any genre.”
-Bill­board Mag­a­zine

In The­ol­o­gy in Aisle Sev­en, Ren­o­varé’s Direc­tor of Edu­ca­tion Car­olyn Arends intro­duces us to full-orbed Chris­t­ian spir­i­tu­al­i­ty. She reflects on every­thing from the sober­ing judg­ment of God to what she calls the seri­ous busi­ness” of laugh­ter. No mat­ter the top­ic she address­es, she offers a refresh­ing, cre­ative glimpse into the Chris­t­ian life. All in 25 snap­shot chap­ters — per­fect for about a month of thought­ful devo­tion­al read­ing. 

Find out why every­day mat­ters to God … and to you.
Refresh­ing. Insight­ful. Car­olyn.



Chap­ter 1 Reveal­ing Love: We can’t see God clear­ly with­out Jesus 
Chap­ter 2 Ini­tia­tor: Come, Lord Jesus — oh, wait — he’s already here 
Chap­ter 3 Mer­ci­ful Vic­tor: Why defeat at the hands of God is mag­nif­i­cent 
Chap­ter 4 Gra­cious Judge: Is there any sto­ry about God that isn’t a love sto­ry? 
Chap­ter 5 Benev­o­lent Law­giv­er: Why God’s law is good news

Chap­ter 6 Desir­ing God: Addic­tion is the spir­i­tu­al dis­ease of our time 
Chap­ter 7 Let­ting Go of God: Try­ing to orga­nize a God who tran­scends 
Chap­ter 8 Expan­sive Faith: Why the nar­row way is huge 
Chap­ter 9 Read­ing Beyond Com­pre­hen­sion: The sur­pris­es of Scrip­ture 
Chap­ter 10 Act­ing like Fam­i­ly: God’s par­ty is for all of us 
Chap­ter 11 Endur­ing Holi­ness: The bless­ings — and dan­gers — of divine prox­im­i­ty 

Chap­ter 12 Laugh­ter Is Seri­ous Busi­ness: Joy 
Chap­ter 13 Say­ing More Than We Can Say: The Arts 
Chap­ter 14 Between the Couch and a 10k: The Body 
Chap­ter 15 The Risks God Takes: The Church Uncom­mon Virtues 
Chap­ter 16 Hard­work­ing Sloths: Trust 
Chap­ter 17 What to Do with Anger: Meek­ness 
Chap­ter 18 A For­got­ten Key to Dynam­ic Wor­ship: Hos­pi­tal­i­ty 
Chap­ter 19 Schooled by an Ush­er: Humil­i­ty

Chap­ter 20 Allow­ing for Space in the Music: Silence into the World 
Chap­ter 21 Help­ing Make Shalom: Our unique voca­tion 
Chap­ter 22 Lov­ing the Law­break­er: Neigh­bor love 
Chap­ter 23 Hid­ing What They Seek: Learn­ing to share Jesus 
Chap­ter 24 Going Down Singing: The gift of mor­tal­i­ty 
Chap­ter 25 Lessons from a Head­less Snake: God’s com­ing victory 


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