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Theology in Aisle Seven

The Uncommon Grace of Everyday Spirituality

by Carolyn Arends

One of the most affecting communicators in any genre.”
-Billboard Magazine

In Theology in Aisle Seven, Renovaré’s Director of Education Carolyn Arends introduces us to full-orbed Christian spirituality. She reflects on everything from the sobering judgment of God to what she calls the serious business” of laughter. No matter the topic she addresses, she offers a refreshing, creative glimpse into the Christian life. All in 25 snapshot chapters — perfect for about a month of thoughtful devotional reading. 

Find out why everyday matters to God … and to you.
Refreshing. Insightful. Carolyn.



Chapter 1 Revealing Love: We can’t see God clearly without Jesus 
Chapter 2 Initiator: Come, Lord Jesus — oh, wait — he’s already here 
Chapter 3 Merciful Victor: Why defeat at the hands of God is magnificent 
Chapter 4 Gracious Judge: Is there any story about God that isn’t a love story? 
Chapter 5 Benevolent Lawgiver: Why God’s law is good news

Chapter 6 Desiring God: Addiction is the spiritual disease of our time 
Chapter 7 Letting Go of God: Trying to organize a God who transcends 
Chapter 8 Expansive Faith: Why the narrow way is huge 
Chapter 9 Reading Beyond Comprehension: The surprises of Scripture 
Chapter 10 Acting like Family: God’s party is for all of us 
Chapter 11 Enduring Holiness: The blessings — and dangers — of divine proximity 

Chapter 12 Laughter Is Serious Business: Joy 
Chapter 13 Saying More Than We Can Say: The Arts 
Chapter 14 Between the Couch and a 10k: The Body 
Chapter 15 The Risks God Takes: The Church Uncommon Virtues 
Chapter 16 Hardworking Sloths: Trust 
Chapter 17 What to Do with Anger: Meekness 
Chapter 18 A Forgotten Key to Dynamic Worship: Hospitality 
Chapter 19 Schooled by an Usher: Humility

Chapter 20 Allowing for Space in the Music: Silence into the World 
Chapter 21 Helping Make Shalom: Our unique vocation 
Chapter 22 Loving the Lawbreaker: Neighbor love 
Chapter 23 Hiding What They Seek: Learning to share Jesus 
Chapter 24 Going Down Singing: The gift of mortality 
Chapter 25 Lessons from a Headless Snake: God’s coming victory 


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