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The Eternal Journey

Daily Meditations on the Stages of Transformation

by Jonathan Bailey

From the Introduction:

In this little booklet (gleaned from a forthcoming book project), you’ll find thirty daily meditation that explore the common experiences we encounter in each [of the Classical Stages of Transformation]. These concepts are not new; I’ve simply tried to brush the dust off an ancient Christian treasure. My hope is that we can find some kind of path in these pages: a path that helps us journey with Jesus in a more clear-sighted way, a path that helps us participate more deeply in our transformation, a path that helps us advance ever nearer toward that one great goal of human life — union with the Trinity.
—Jonathan R. Bailey

2020 Renovaré


Jon Bailey has taken the ancient Christian understanding of the Threefold Way (purgation, illumination, and union) and breathed new life into this time-honored path toward the transformation of the human personality.
Richard Foster, Author of Celebration of Discipline, Founder of Renovaré

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