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The Eternal Journey

Daily Meditations on the Stages of Transformation

by Jonathan Bailey

From the Introduction:

In this lit­tle book­let (gleaned from a forth­com­ing book project), you’ll find thir­ty dai­ly med­i­ta­tion that explore the com­mon expe­ri­ences we encounter in each [of the Clas­si­cal Stages of Trans­for­ma­tion]. These con­cepts are not new; I’ve sim­ply tried to brush the dust off an ancient Chris­t­ian trea­sure. My hope is that we can find some kind of path in these pages: a path that helps us jour­ney with Jesus in a more clear-sight­ed way, a path that helps us par­tic­i­pate more deeply in our trans­for­ma­tion, a path that helps us advance ever near­er toward that one great goal of human life — union with the Trin­i­ty.
—Jonathan R. Bailey

2020 Renovaré


Jon Bai­ley has tak­en the ancient Chris­t­ian under­stand­ing of the Three­fold Way (pur­ga­tion, illu­mi­na­tion, and union) and breathed new life into this time-hon­ored path toward the trans­for­ma­tion of the human personality.
Richard Foster, Author of Celebration of Discipline, Founder of Renovaré

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