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Seeking the Kingdom

Devotions for the Daily Journey of Faith

by Richard J. Foster

Many have embarked on the path to spiritual growth through Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. For the many who are inspired to pursue the disciplines in daily life, Foster now offers these devotions for the journey of faith. Filled with key passages from many of his bestselling books, along with thoughtful reflection, Seeking the Kingdom presents Foster’s wise counsel and direction concerning the challenges and rewards of the Christian life. Covering topics such as stillness and worship” corporate guidance,” and what stops us from praying?,” Foster explores the three movements of the spiritual life: the movement inward to personal transformation, the movement upward to intimacy with God, and the movement outward to minister to others. Seeking the Kingdom features key passages from Foster’s books (Celebration of Discipline, Freedom of Simplicity, The Challenge of the Disciplined Life, and PRAYER) that are tied to a key biblical passage and reflection. It serves as a wonderful devotional.


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