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Renew Your Life

Discovering the Wellspring of God's Energy

by Kai Nilsen

I was dying from the inside out and could envision nothing life giving, nothing energizing, nothing vital happening in my life. Ever. Again.” Many of us can identify with pastor Kai Nilsen in this place of exhaustion and long to find a source of refreshment. This book shows us the way to the wellspring of the Holy Spirit. When we find the energy for creative life change in God, we discover the courage to

  • say no to an addiction and yes to life
  • gain new insight to how we are designed and linked to the web of creation
  • forgive others and reconnect relationships
  • participate in loving service with and for others

If you are ready for renewal, then the life-giving spiritual practices in this book will point the way.



Kai Nilsen [is] a pastor with a vulnerable heart and a voice of experience and depth, calling and inviting us to join him in a journey toward wholeness in Christ. The path described in Renew Your Life is not distant or obscure. It is available and accessible, especially to those who are tired, worn out, beaten down or just lonely. Catch the energy that is described in this book and you might just find yourself renewed!
Keith J. Matthews, Azusa Pacific Seminary
Kai Nilsen is a fun person to have for a friend. It helps that he's a Lutheran. His first solo book project, Renew Your Life: Discovering the Wellspring of God's Energy, documents his own movement from running on empty to tapping into a source of vitality that is not of this world. Along the way he reminds us that the creation story was not a one-time-only event and fills this book with picturesque speech and practical suggestions. And it comes from a seasoned pastor's heart."
Gary W. Moon, Executive Director, Martin Institute and Dallas
Renew Your Life is disarmingly honest, refreshingly faithful and profoundly hopeful. In a culture that increasingly confuses busyness with fulfillment, Kai's book is a roadmap, charting a realistic pathway to wholeness.
Jeff Marian, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Burnsville, Minnesota
How easy it is to lose our way, to say 'yes' too often, to allow our work to devour us, to get too tired, to overextend, to run out of gas in a misguided, self-absorbed quest to help God and other people. How can we find our way home to the rich wonders of God's grace, the possibilities that God sprinkles into every day, meaningful work, the beauty and mystery of nature, and the restorative rhythm of Sabbath rest? Kai Nilsen is a wise, insightful, empathetic guide for God's weary wanderers, gracefully helping us to reset our compass to the true north of the kingdom of God. Highly recommended.
Christopher Hall, President of Renovaré USA

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