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Prayers From the Heart

by Richard J. Foster

My whole life, in one sense, he has been an exper­i­ment in how to be a portable sanc­tu­ary,” writes Richard Fos­ter, learn­ing to prac­tice the pres­ence of God in the midst of the stress­es and strains of con­tem­po­rary life.” So begins Fos­ter’s most per­son­al work yet, a book of prayers that seek to lead us to expe­ri­ence the real­i­ty of God in the midst of going to work and rais­ing kids and clean­ing house and pay­ing the bills.” Draw­ing on the struc­ture of his award­win­ning Prayer: Find­ing the Heart’s True Home, Fos­ter presents this col­lec­tion of prayers accord­ing to the three aspects of the human jour­ney: look­ing inward to the heart, reach­ing upward toward God, and mov­ing out­ward to care for oth­ers. These prayers speak to moments in our days and events in our lives.


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