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Practicing the Way of Jesus

Life Together in the Kingdom of Love

by Mark Scandrette

Take a casual survey of how people practice their faith, and you might reasonably conclude that Jesus spent his life going door to door offering private lessons, complete with chalkboard and pop quizzes. We think about God in the comfort of our own minds, in isolation from one another; meanwhile the world waits for a people to practice the way of Jesus together. Mark Scandrette contends that Jesus has in mind something more lively for us: not a classroom so much as a kingdom, where our formation takes place not only in our heads but in our hearts and our bodies, and in the company of one another, in a way that blesses the world we’ve been entrusted with. In Practicing the Way of Jesus Scandrette draws from his experience as a spiritual director and leader of an intentional community, as well as the best contemporary thinking on kingdom spirituality, to paint a picture of life lived together, in the way of Jesus – which is another way of saying life lived to the full.

This book is the 2014 – 15 Renovaré Book Club selection for Session 5.



Practicing the Way moves beyond theory to action, describing how to begin our own experiments, and so it is probably best read in community.
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