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Freedom of Simplicity

Finding Harmony in a Complex World

by Richard J. Foster

Writ­ten in the same warm, acces­si­ble style as Richard Fos­ter’s best-sell­ing Cel­e­bra­tion of Dis­ci­pline, Free­dom of Sim­plic­i­ty artic­u­lates a cre­ative, more human style of liv­ing and points the way for Chris­tians to make their lives mod­els of sim­plic­i­ty.” Fos­ter pro­vides a way to rethink our pri­or­i­ties and to seek first God’s king­dom and his right­eous­ness.” He shows us how to live in har­mo­ny with the rich com­plex­i­ty of life while stress­ing the rela­tion of sim­plic­i­ty to prayer, soli­tude, and all the Chris­t­ian Dis­ci­plines. The work con­sid­ers the com­plex­i­ty of sim­plic­i­ty, looks at its bib­li­cal roots, and dis­cuss­es its prac­tice in our per­son­al, fam­i­ly, church, and world arenas.



Foster’s personal honesty, forthrightness, and literary courage are compelling.
Ted Engstrom, president emeritus, World Vision

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