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The Challenge of the Disciplined Life

Christian Reflections on Money, Sex, and Power

by Richard J. Foster

The Chal­lenge of the Dis­ci­plined Life explores the three great eth­i­cal themes cru­cial to peo­ple of faith liv­ing faith­ful­ly. Draw­ing upon prac­ti­cal exam­ples, Richard J. Fos­ter guides the read­er in day-to-day eth­i­cal deci­sion mak­ing while help­ing each of us deter­mine the prop­er place in Chris­t­ian life of mon­ey, sex, and pow­er. The author’s words on how giv­ing can bring authen­tic­i­ty and vital­i­ty to a devo­tion­al expe­ri­ence are impor­tant to hear in this day in which once again there is increased empha­sis on spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion and devo­tion­al exer­cis­es.” —The Chris­t­ian Century.



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