Introductory Note:

A short and sweet musing from an early Church Father on the evidence of God’s renewing and transforming power that is written in the book of Nature. With these signs all around us, why should we doubt the Resurrection of Christ or our own to come?

Renovaré Team

Let us consider, beloved, how the Master showeth to us continually the resurrection that is about to be, of which he hath made our Lord Jesus Christ the first fruit, having raised him from the dead.

Let us look, beloved, at the resurrection that is ever taking place.

Day and night show to us the resurrection; the night is lulled to rest, the day ariseth; the day departeth, the night cometh on.

Let us consider the fruits, in what way a grain of corn is sown.

The sower goeth forth and casteth it into the ground, and when the seeds are cast into the ground, they that fell into the ground dry and naked are dissolved; then after their dissolution, the mighty power of the providence of the Lord raiseth them up, and from one seed many grow up and bring forth fruits.

St. Clement of Rome’s First Epistle to the Corinthians, public domain via The Saint Pachomius Library.