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A short and sweet mus­ing from an ear­ly Church Father on the evi­dence of God’s renew­ing and trans­form­ing pow­er that is writ­ten in the book of Nature. With these signs all around us, why should we doubt the Res­ur­rec­tion of Christ or our own to come?

—Renovaré Team

Let us con­sid­er, beloved, how the Mas­ter showeth to us con­tin­u­al­ly the res­ur­rec­tion that is about to be, of which he hath made our Lord Jesus Christ the first fruit, hav­ing raised him from the dead.

Let us look, beloved, at the res­ur­rec­tion that is ever tak­ing place.

Day and night show to us the res­ur­rec­tion; the night is lulled to rest, the day ariseth; the day departeth, the night cometh on.

Let us con­sid­er the fruits, in what way a grain of corn is sown.

The sow­er goeth forth and casteth it into the ground, and when the seeds are cast into the ground, they that fell into the ground dry and naked are dis­solved; then after their dis­so­lu­tion, the mighty pow­er of the prov­i­dence of the Lord raiseth them up, and from one seed many grow up and bring forth fruits.

St. Clement of Rome’s First Epis­tle to the Corinthi­ans, pub­lic domain via The Saint Pachomius Library.

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