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This selec­tive, top­i­cal index is designed to help read­ers get a pic­ture of the with-God life pre­sent­ed in the Bible and the role of the Spir­i­tu­al Dis­ci­plines in fos­ter­ing that kind of life toward its full­ness. The pas­sages list­ed either con­tain a spe­cif­ic ref­er­ence to a top­ic serv­ing as a dis­ci­pline (e.g., the word med­i­ta­tion”) or are about that top­ic with­out using the spe­cif­ic term. Because this index is selec­tive, it does not list every pas­sage in the Bible on each top­ic, and the entries are restrict­ed to the topic’s role as a Spir­i­tu­al Dis­ci­pline. Some of the entries are neg­a­tive exam­ples of the prac­tice of a par­tic­u­lar discipline. 

The list of dis­ci­plines cho­sen for this index also does not include every prac­tice or sit­u­a­tion that could actu­al­ly serve as a dis­ci­pline in the process of spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion. The dis­ci­plines under con­sid­er­a­tion here include cel­e­bra­tion (below), chasti­ty, con­fes­sion, fast­ing, fel­low­ship, guid­ance, med­i­ta­tion, prayer, sac­ri­fice, secre­cy, ser­vice, silence, simplicity/​frugality, soli­tude, sub­mis­sion, study, and wor­ship.

Those ref­er­ences for which there are spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion exer­cis­es are des­ig­nat­ed by an asterisk. 

No doubt some pas­sages may have been omit­ted that might be very use­ful for under­stand­ing spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion. What is giv­en here is intend­ed to pro­vide only a sub­stan­tial intro­duc­tion to the pres­ence and impor­tance of Spir­i­tu­al Dis­ci­plines in the Bible. For fur­ther study on dis­ci­plines and how they are to be prac­ticed, please see Richard Fos­ter, Cel­e­bra­tion of Dis­ci­pline, and Dal­las Willard, The Spir­it of the Dis­ci­plines.

—Renovaré Team

Excerpt from Life with God Spiritual Formation Bible
CEL­E­BRA­TION: Utter delight and joy in our­selves, our life, and our world as a result of our faith and con­fi­dence in God’s great­ness, beau­ty, and goodness.

*Exo­dus 5:1

Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, Let my peo­ple go, so that they may cel­e­brate a fes­ti­val to me in the wilderness.”

*Exo­dus 12:14

This day shall be a day of remem­brance for you. You shall cel­e­brate it as a fes­ti­val to the Lord. 

*Leviti­cus 23:4,37

These are the appoint­ed fes­ti­vals of the Lord, the holy con­vo­ca­tions, which you shall cel­e­brate at the time appoint­ed for them. 

*Num 10:10 On your days of rejoic­ing, at your appoint­ed fes­ti­vals, and at the begin­nings of your months, you shall blow the trumpets. 

*Num­bers 29:12

On the fif­teenth day of the sev­enth month you shall have a holy con­vo­ca­tion; you shall not work at your occu­pa­tions. You shall cel­e­brate a fes­ti­val to the Lord sev­en days. 

Deuteron­o­my 14:22 – 29 

You shall eat there in the pres­ence of the Lord your God, you and your house­hold rejoic­ing together. 

Deuteron­o­my 16:15

Sev­en days you shall keep the fes­ti­val to the Lord your God at the place that the Lord will choose; for the Lord your God will bless you in all your pro­duce and in all your under­tak­ings, and you shall sure­ly celebrate. 

*2 Samuel 6:14

David danced before the Lord with all his might. 

*Ezra 6:22

With joy they cel­e­brat­ed the fes­ti­val of unleav­ened bread sev­en days; for the Lord had made them joyful. 

Nehemi­ah 12:27

They sought out the Levites in all their places, to bring them to Jerusalem to cel­e­brate the ded­i­ca­tion with rejoic­ing, with thanks­giv­ings and with singing, with cym­bals, harps, and lyres. 

*Esther 9:22

The month… had been turned for them from sor­row into glad­ness and from mourn­ing into a holiday. 

*Psalm 45:1 – 17 

My heart over­flows with a good­ly theme. 

*Psalm 126:2

Then our mouth was filled with laugh­ter, and our tongue with shouts of joy.

*Psalm 145:7

They shall cel­e­brate the fame of your abun­dant good­ness, and shall sing aloud of your righteousness. 

*Song of Solomon 1:4

We will exult and rejoice in you. 

*Isa­iah 51:11

So the ran­somed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing; ever­last­ing joy shall be upon their heads.

*Nahum 1:15

Cel­e­brate your fes­ti­vals, O Judah, ful­fill your vows.

Luke 15:23 – 32 

And get the fat­ted calf and kill it, and let us eat and cel­e­brate; for this son of mine was dead and is alive again. 

John 2:1 – 10 

On the third day there was a wed­ding in Cana of Galilee. 

1 Corinthi­ans 5:8

There­fore, let us cel­e­brate the fes­ti­val, not with the old yeast, the yeast of mal­ice and evil, but with the unleav­ened bread of sin­cer­i­ty and truth. 

Philip­pi­ans 4:4 – 13 

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. 

*Rev­e­la­tion 19:9

Blessed are those who are invit­ed to the mar­riage sup­per of the Lamb. 

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