Introductory Note:

Our Renovaré Institute team had the immense joy and distinct pleasure of spending a week with our students in the Dallas cohort last week. It was their last residency together before they complete the 2-year program at the end of July.

With their permission, we wanted to share a few photographs with you from the week. We think we picked some that show a bit of the holiness, fellowship, beauty, and fun of these gatherings.

If you feel a heart’s tug to participate in a Christian Spiritual Formation program that offers nourishing academics and rich experiential practices all within the context of a small, intentional community of fellow pilgrims, check out our Renovaré Institute page. Applications are open for our 2018-2020 Chicago cohort.

Renovaré Team

We met at beautiful Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House in Lake Dallas, TX.

We were not kidding around about that beautiful.’

Space for solitude.

Space for togetherness.

Space for the sacred. God gives us a light show through the stained glass.

Carolyn Arends (Director of Education) and Helen Edwards (Praxis Grader) congratulate a student.

Carolyn Arends shares a laugh with a student during the closing ceremony.

Renovaré President Chris Hall, Director of Community Life Nathan Foster, and Ministry Team members Mimi Dixon and James Catford pray for a student.

Sending another student off with prayer.

Three students show off their matching uniforms,” in honor of one of the student’s homeland.

Congratulations to our Dallas Cohort! What a blessing it is to know each of you.