Nathan wel­comes Vivianne David, co-founder and host of Vilay­ala Retreat, to the pod­cast to talk about how our eyes can guide us into prayer.

Show notes

What is visio div­ina, Viv?

And how do you do that?

What you’re say­ing is that it’s some­thing we do all the time. — it’s just tak­ing a lit­tle extra pause or inten­tion­al­i­ty with what we’re seeing?

Can I do visio with nature… look out my window?

What is your prac­tice? Do you find a paint­ing and say, I’m gonna spend a half hour with this?”

So it would be a lit­tle like sit­ting down to read a book. I’m gonna sit down and read visu­al­ly, like a paint­ing or a scene. Is that how you would do it?

What is your prac­tice for select­ing a piece to use and how do you get a cer­tain space in your house or what?

You men­tioned you don’t watch tele­vi­sion. Does that tie in?

How does this fit into the prac­tice of retreat, or does it?

How does that prac­tice [of choos­ing art for a space] tie into retreat … for exam­ple, you’ve built a retreat house?

What do you look for when you go on retreat?

What kind of expe­ri­ences are you hop­ing to craft with the retreats at the house?

Find out more about Vivian­ne’s retreat house, Vilay­ala.

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