Nathan welcomes Vivianne David, co-founder and host of Vilayala Retreat, to the podcast to talk about how our eyes can guide us into prayer.

Show notes

What is visio divina, Viv?

And how do you do that?

What you’re saying is that it’s something we do all the time. — it’s just taking a little extra pause or intentionality with what we’re seeing?

Can I do visio with nature… look out my window?

What is your practice? Do you find a painting and say, I’m gonna spend a half hour with this?”

So it would be a little like sitting down to read a book. I’m gonna sit down and read visually, like a painting or a scene. Is that how you would do it?

What is your practice for selecting a piece to use and how do you get a certain space in your house or what?

You mentioned you don’t watch television. Does that tie in?

How does this fit into the practice of retreat, or does it?

How does that practice [of choosing art for a space] tie into retreat … for example, you’ve built a retreat house?

What do you look for when you go on retreat?

What kind of experiences are you hoping to craft with the retreats at the house?

Find out more about Vivianne’s retreat house, Vilayala.

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