Terry Wardle of Healing Care Ministries shares how an emotional breakdown at the height of his success” in ministry played a pivotal role in moving him from information about God to encounter with God, from performance-oriented to grace-oriented, and from broken to beloved.

Show Notes

[1:00] I’m really curious to hear a little about your story.

[5:32] When there’s a pressure in our life, there’s a potential gift because we break… Do you find yourself grateful for that?

[8:33] To be willing to look at oneself with God — would you agree that there’s a strength that requires from people?

[10:38] What would you like to see the Church do or become in terms of spaces that can handle brokenness or have a word in suffering?

[15:00] We can’t take people there [on a healing journey] if we haven’t been there ourselves. Would you agree?

[16:14] Do you walk with a limp?”

[18:57] Have you found…that what often emerges in the healing is something beyond what you or others can imagine, that it’s different and wonderful in ways we can’t see?

[22:14] You mentioned community earlier. What is the role of community in this?

[24:50] When you were in the hospital…What would have been helpful from your friends there? What could they have done during that time?

[27:48] Could you share a little about the work you’re doing with Healing Care Ministries?

[30:07] I’m curious, if you’re willing to share, what was your encounter that you had with Jesus those many years ago?


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