Ter­ry War­dle of Heal­ing Care Min­istries shares how an emo­tion­al break­down at the height of his suc­cess” in min­istry played a piv­otal role in mov­ing him from infor­ma­tion about God to encounter with God, from per­for­mance-ori­ent­ed to grace-ori­ent­ed, and from bro­ken to beloved.

Show Notes

[1:00] I’m real­ly curi­ous to hear a lit­tle about your story.

[5:32] When there’s a pres­sure in our life, there’s a poten­tial gift because we break… Do you find your­self grate­ful for that?

[8:33] To be will­ing to look at one­self with God — would you agree that there’s a strength that requires from people?

[10:38] What would you like to see the Church do or become in terms of spaces that can han­dle bro­ken­ness or have a word in suffering?

[15:00] We can’t take peo­ple there [on a heal­ing jour­ney] if we haven’t been there our­selves. Would you agree?

[16:14] Do you walk with a limp?”

[18:57] Have you found…that what often emerges in the heal­ing is some­thing beyond what you or oth­ers can imag­ine, that it’s dif­fer­ent and won­der­ful in ways we can’t see?

[22:14] You men­tioned com­mu­ni­ty ear­li­er. What is the role of com­mu­ni­ty in this?

[24:50] When you were in the hospital…What would have been help­ful from your friends there? What could they have done dur­ing that time?

[27:48] Could you share a lit­tle about the work you’re doing with Heal­ing Care Ministries?

[30:07] I’m curi­ous, if you’re will­ing to share, what was your encounter that you had with Jesus those many years ago?


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