Ted Har­ro joins Nathan Fos­ter to talk about his unex­pect­ed jour­ney to become Renovaré’s new pres­i­dent. You can also read Ted’s let­ter, How Do You Know When You’ve Found Your People?”

Show Notes

[2:53] I caught wind that you were real­ly push­ing to get this posi­tion. Is that accurate? 

[5:51] What changed, to get you in a posi­tion where you actu­al­ly did apply and fol­low through?

[8:23] How are you feel­ing about com­ing into the position?

[8:54] What first drew you to Ren­o­varé as an organization?

[11:25] What was your expe­ri­ence like with the Ren­o­varé Institute?

[13:06] How do you see your back­ground as a con­sul­tant help­ing your work at Renovaré?

[15:49] What do you think it will look like in the com­ing years?

[19:23] I believe it was Car­olyn who asked you, Well, first hun­dred days, what are you going to do?” And I believe you just said lis­ten,” right?

[20:19] You don’t come in with an agen­da. Is that accurate?

[20:44] What excites you about this position?

[23:20] What con­cerns you about step­ping into this role?

[25:48] Favorite books?

[27:35] What’s this busi­ness about bread?

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