Ted Harro joins Nathan Foster to talk about his unexpected journey to become Renovaré’s new president. You can also read Ted’s letter, How Do You Know When You’ve Found Your People?”

Show Notes

[2:53] I caught wind that you were really pushing to get this position. Is that accurate? 

[5:51] What changed, to get you in a position where you actually did apply and follow through?

[8:23] How are you feeling about coming into the position?

[8:54] What first drew you to Renovaré as an organization?

[11:25] What was your experience like with the Renovaré Institute?

[13:06] How do you see your background as a consultant helping your work at Renovaré?

[15:49] What do you think it will look like in the coming years?

[19:23] I believe it was Carolyn who asked you, Well, first hundred days, what are you going to do?” And I believe you just said listen,” right?

[20:19] You don’t come in with an agenda. Is that accurate?

[20:44] What excites you about this position?

[23:20] What concerns you about stepping into this role?

[25:48] Favorite books?

[27:35] What’s this business about bread?

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