Author and Spiritual Director Sharon Garlough Brown speaks about using the medium of fiction to connect readers to the God who grieves and suffers with us and enlarges our capacity to receive joy.

Show Notes

[2:23] Could you tell us just a little about your love of Van Gogh?

[5:12] Could you talk about how you work with fiction?

[7:13] You go into spiritual direction not really knowing where this time is going to go, but being open. Do you take some of that same posture into your writing?

[10:46] You’ve gone there in terms of writing about pain and suffering and some difficult topics. What has that been like for you?

[13:20] What do you hope for the reader?

[14:23] Do you see yourself as a fiction writer?

[15:48] How does your work as a pastor and spiritual director inform your stories?

[18:18] Could you talk a little about spiritual friendship?

[22:46] What will that look like for you in Scotland … with these losses?

[28:33] Could you tell us a little about Abiding Way?


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