Bren­da Quinn and Richard Fos­ter join Nathan to talk about Richard’s new book, Learn­ing Humil­i­ty: A Year of Search­ing for a Van­ish­ing Virtue.

Show Notes

[4:38] Dad, could you give us an overview? 

[9:38] Bren­da, what was your jour­ney like as you were read­ing the chap­ters and how did this work for you as a Christ fol­low­er and a pastor?

[17:08] Dad, the hum­ble mum­ble – could you explain that? How did spend­ing this year and writ­ing the book tie into that?

[18:44] Bren­da, as a pas­tor, I’m sure you get lots of com­pli­ments. How do you han­dle those when peo­ple have nice things to say about you?

[21:21] A lot of peo­ple don’t know how to say I’m sor­ry or own up to things. And that poten­tial­ly stems from (a lack of) humil­i­ty, doesn’t it, that my ego is frag­ile enough that I can’t han­dle critique?

[22:45] Humil­i­ty is real­ly about free­dom, would you agree?

[25:21] You were in an envi­ron­ment (in the uni­ver­si­ty) where peo­ple not only ask you, but they expect you to have the answers. And it can be the same in min­istry. Bren­da, in your con­text, where is the free­dom you expe­ri­ence as you learn humility?

[27:55] Dad, what sur­prised you in writ­ing this book and spend­ing the year on it?

[29:45] What would you say to some­one lis­ten­ing to this, or they’ve read the book, and they say I’m in, I want to grow in humil­i­ty”? What should they do? Where’s a good place to start?

[32:59] But we can cer­tain­ly get bet­ter, right? There’s improve­ment to be made.

[33:43] For peo­ple who read the book, what would your hope be?

[36:01] The thing I found real­ly help­ful about the book, that snuck up on me, was the allure. Why wouldn’t I want that? See­ing it as an invi­ta­tion to free­dom, to become our true selves, the self that God cre­at­ed us to be.


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