In this episode, Nathan talks with author and musi­cian Michael Card about hesed, an untrans­lat­able Hebrew word that express­es God’s love and faith­ful­ness. Michael believes it may be the most impor­tant word in Scrip­ture and spent ten years writ­ing a book to unpack its meaning.

Show Notes

[2:29] What would you tell your younger self?

[3:05] What is it that you care about these days?

[6:16] You wrote a book about one word. Tell us about the book.

[9:22] What does the word mean to you personally?

[10:31] How do you live into it?

[15:05] I’m notic­ing in your writ­ings and in your music this love of Scrip­ture. Where did that come from?

[18:31] What do you hope peo­ple take away from the book?

[22:25] How do you per­son­al­ly work with Scrip­ture these days?


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