Mark Scandrette talks with Nathan Foster about seeing the world the way Jesus did, the hidden wisdom in the Beatitudes, and applying the Sermon on the Mount to everyday life.

Show Notes

[1:10] What was Jesus doing with these weird sayings, these Beatitudes?

[2:15] How do you think it was received by the hearers?

[4:38] In your work, you have 2 lines: this is a new way to be human,” and a journey back to reality.” Where do you take the Beatitudes for us today?

[6:15] Could you address this idea of our first instincts and new postures?

[11:40] Is there one that has been the most challenging or difficult?

[20:35] Is there a movement toward a practical practice as we move into this reality?

[22:50] This book was born out of practical labs. Can you tell us a little about that?

[25:50] What would you like to see happen for those who read the book?

[26:35] In your travels around the world, what have you picked up from Christians around the world that would be helpful for us in the West?


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