Mark Scan­drette talks with Nathan Fos­ter about see­ing the world the way Jesus did, the hid­den wis­dom in the Beat­i­tudes, and apply­ing the Ser­mon on the Mount to every­day life.

Show Notes

[1:10] What was Jesus doing with these weird say­ings, these Beatitudes?

[2:15] How do you think it was received by the hearers?

[4:38] In your work, you have 2 lines: this is a new way to be human,” and a jour­ney back to real­i­ty.” Where do you take the Beat­i­tudes for us today?

[6:15] Could you address this idea of our first instincts and new postures?

[11:40] Is there one that has been the most chal­leng­ing or difficult?

[20:35] Is there a move­ment toward a prac­ti­cal prac­tice as we move into this reality?

[22:50] This book was born out of prac­ti­cal labs. Can you tell us a lit­tle about that?

[25:50] What would you like to see hap­pen for those who read the book?

[26:35] In your trav­els around the world, what have you picked up from Chris­tians around the world that would be help­ful for us in the West?


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