Nathan welcomes Mark Buchanan to the podcast to discuss the wonderfully reliable” spiritual practice of walking, which is the topic of Mark’s newest book, God Walk: Moving at the Speed of Your Soul.

Show Notes

[1:17] I’m curious, how long have you been a speed walker?

[2:09] What has your experience and practice been with walking?

[3:58] What did you learn from writing the book?

[5:48] What happens for you when you walk?

[7:58] A friend of mine gave me a quote: Those who work with their mind rest with their hands; those who work with their hands rest with their mind. I think of walking a little like I do silence — that it’s reliable.

[9:34] When you use the phrase God speed,” what do you mean by that?

[16:08] What was your favorite chapter?

[22:06] What do you hope for people reading your book?

[23:03] You start the book referencing a friend of yours who is not able to walk. Could you give a word for people who are not able-bodied…?

[25:12] Are there other things you have learned from your indigenous friends?

[27:47] Any pilgrimages you have done or would like to do?


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