Nathan speaks with one of his favorite authors, Marilyn McEntyre, about why words matter more than we can imagine.” She explores words as sacraments, as creative forces, as conveyors of truth, and as precious ingredients in the feast called conversation.

Show Notes

[2:21] Where did your love of words begin?

[4:52] Could you explain a little about how caring for words is a moral issue?

[6:34] How about words as art?

[9:15] You take this beyond writing and poetry — into normal conversation?

[14:41] How do you use words as a spiritual practice?

[18:53] What would you say to folks who are just beginning to think in terms of using words with some intentionality?

[21:54] Do you speak other languages? What does that change for you reading in languages besides English? Does it open up a different world for you?

[25:40] I was really moved by your section on felicity. When a word goes out of use in a culture, is it representative that that thing has gone out of use?

[27:55] Do you like Noam Chomsky and his work?

[33:09] What’s your one sentence” about the book?

[34:47] What gives you hope in our culture today, connected to words?

[39:02] What I was hearing was words as a way to love others, to love what’s good and right, to care enough about the words we use.


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