Nathan speaks with one of his favorite authors, Mar­i­lyn McEn­tyre, about why words mat­ter more than we can imag­ine.” She explores words as sacra­ments, as cre­ative forces, as con­vey­ors of truth, and as pre­cious ingre­di­ents in the feast called conversation.

Show Notes

[2:21] Where did your love of words begin?

[4:52] Could you explain a lit­tle about how car­ing for words is a moral issue?

[6:34] How about words as art?

[9:15] You take this beyond writ­ing and poet­ry — into nor­mal conversation?

[14:41] How do you use words as a spir­i­tu­al practice?

[18:53] What would you say to folks who are just begin­ning to think in terms of using words with some intentionality?

[21:54] Do you speak oth­er lan­guages? What does that change for you read­ing in lan­guages besides Eng­lish? Does it open up a dif­fer­ent world for you?

[25:40] I was real­ly moved by your sec­tion on felic­i­ty. When a word goes out of use in a cul­ture, is it rep­re­sen­ta­tive that that thing has gone out of use?

[27:55] Do you like Noam Chom­sky and his work?

[33:09] What’s your one sen­tence” about the book?

[34:47] What gives you hope in our cul­ture today, con­nect­ed to words?

[39:02] What I was hear­ing was words as a way to love oth­ers, to love what’s good and right, to care enough about the words we use.


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