Most years Lacy Borgo re-reads A Testament of Devotion by Thomas Kelly. She joins Nathan Foster to discuss how this spiritual classic has impacted her life.

Learn more about Lacy at her website Good Dirt Ministries.

Show Notes

[3:02] You mentioned to me some time ago that you read this book every year. What’s that about?

[5:06] How would you describe A Testament of Devotion?

[6:23] What are the pieces this year that are ringing to you?

[8:37] As a spiritual director, how do you see people lean into that glow (of the Presence of God in each person)?

[11:23] Thomas Kelly talks a lot about “the light within,” very Quaker. Can you talk a little about what he means by that?

[12:25] How has this book influenced your life?

[14:47] What is a spiritual autobiography?

[18:48] There is this kind of tender, mystical side to him, poetic almost. What do you think?

[20:43] Your care and concern for little people…how has Thomas spoken into that?

[23:10] You have a children's book coming out. Can I ask you about it?


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