Nate talks with author John Eldredge about healing from the trauma of the pandemic, benevolent detachment, what it means to consecrate your empathy to Christ, and learning to hear the voice of God.

Show Notes

[1:19] What was the impetus for this book?

[3:57] I’m glad to hear you reference the pandemic in this way. It has really baffled me how silent people are in terms of its effects. I think it’s going to take 5 or 10 years out of this to realize some of the ways that it has negatively impacted, and I wish people talk more about it.

[8:25] What do you think people should do (to heal their trauma response)?

[15:23] I think I’m hearing that instead of coping mechanism that don’t yield fruit or good results, but coping mechanisms that bring life.

[19:50] I really like the idea of benevolent detachment. How do you detach and yet use your ability to change for good?

[24:26] One of the phrases I’ll use is trusting people to God. As much as I would like to control and manage things, there are some limitations.

[25:06] What does this look like for you, and what are some of the challenges you face in moving into benevolent detachment?

[30:33] Why do you think so many Christians are hung up on the idea of hearing from God?


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