Jill Weber is a prayer missionary and author who for the last five years has been establishing a new monastic community at the Waverley Abbey Estate in the U.K. Her desire is to cultivate thin spaces” where Jesus is loved.

Show Notes

[2:12] Could you share with us about the Waverly project you’ve been working on for the past 5 years, and also about Order of the Mustard Seed.

[10:45] What does it look like for you personally to hold those practices and values in front of you.

[19:50] What do you say to people who are carrying a lot and not having room to go beyond their own family or the struggles that they are in? A friend of mine (Bill Vaswig) taught me much about prayer. When I go into certain spaces where there is so much suffering, and I’m just overwhelmed by it and don’t know what to do, he said, Nate, you’re supposed to pray. You see all this so you can pray. Just walk around and lift them up.”

[25:25] What is your hope for the community at this old abbey; what would you like to see happen in the years to come?

[33:28] How does discernment work in your community? When you make a decision to move forward, what does that process look like?

[40:35] You can extend this to a church, ministry, family, or small group, to pause and ask if there are apologies that need to be made or repentance. God seems so intent on his children playing well together.


The Prayer of Relinquishment

Today, O Lord, I yield myself to you.
May your will be my delight today.
May you have perfect sway in me.
May your love be the pattern of my living.
I surrender to you my hopes, my dreams, my ambitions.
Do with them what you will, when you will, as you will.
I place into your loving care my family, my friends, my future.
Care for them with a care that I can never give.
I release into your hands my need to control, my craving for status, my fear of obscurity.
Eradicate the evil, purify the good, and establish your Kingdom on earth.
For Jesus’ sake,
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