In this episode, philosopher J.P. Moreland shares honestly about his experience with severe anxiety, and the spiritual practices that helped him receive God’s peace.

[1:08] I’m really interested to know how a philosophy professor ends up writing a book on anxiety and depression.

[3:53] The other thing you do that I found really helpful is that you address a lot of concerns that Christians might have about mental health or medication or self-compassion. Have you found that to be well-received or have you gotten pushback from that?

[5:35] One of the pieces that I found really helpful in the book is you continue to go back to all these practices and very practical things that have worked for you, yet leaving it open for not being totally prescriptive for people. I’m curious to hear a little about your journey with contemplative prayer and how that has helped you with anxiety.

[8:00] Could you say a little about the four-step solution process?

[16:50] What was it like to crash for all those months? Are you healed?

[22:10] How important were Biblical passages for you?

[22:40] What would you say to someone listening who is really struggling with anxiety and maybe has some self-condemnation or shame around it?

[28:45] For folks who have friends and family, spouses, that are struggling with anxiety, is there a word you might have for the best way they can love each other through this?

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