Nathan talks with author Han­nah Ander­son about sea­sons, humil­i­ty, and how the God we love in scrip­ture is a God who is being revealed through nature.

Show Notes

[1:24] Why do you write?

[2:19] How impor­tant is it for you to be hon­est in your writing?

[8:21] Could you share a lit­tle about your draw to the won­der and mys­tery in nature?

[10:38] How are you in nature, in terms of observ­ing and being?

[12:37] What is it about sea­sons that you’re drawn to?

[15:06] Make the con­nec­tion between your expe­ri­ence grow­ing up and appre­ci­at­ing nature and scripture. 

[18:04] What are some rhythms or prac­tices for you, being in the cre­at­ed order?

[21:44] How did your book, Turn­ing of Days, come to be?

[24:55] This sum­mer in Col­orado the wild­flow­ers were off the charts. I’ve tried learn­ing their names, and the names of the trees. I found in being able to name them, it enriched my expe­ri­ence. Is this a sim­i­lar expe­ri­ence for you? Am I on the right path?

[29:55] In which Han­nah reads a selec­tion from Fall: Sec­tion 7 (p. 116)


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