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In this month’s episode of Friends in For­ma­tion, Richel­la, James, and Nate answer lis­ten­er ques­tions about the easy yoke Jesus talked about, expe­ri­enc­ing true free­dom, and spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion in marriage.

Show Notes

[1:20] Is it pos­si­ble to prac­tice the spir­i­tu­al dis­ci­plines out of a place of peace and rest from day one fol­low­ing Jesus, or is the easy and light yoke only the prize at the end of the jour­ney? It just feels so often like the spir­i­tu­al dis­ci­plines are anoth­er form of reli­gious per­for­mance, and the rest Jesus promis­es remains a dis­tant hope.

[18:08] I have been think­ing of free­dom — Gala­tians 5:1. I notice when I talk with oth­er Chris­tians that there is fear and resis­tance when it comes to free­dom. Why is that if this is some­thing Christ wants us to tru­ly expe­ri­ence? What does true free­dom look like in ordi­nary every­day life? Are there prac­tices that help posi­tion us to expe­ri­ence true free­dom more as Christ desires for us?

[31:18] How can we work toward a faith-filled mar­riage? What can spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion look like in the con­text of mar­riage? How do each of you share spir­i­tu­al life with your spouses?


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