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In this month’s episode of Friends in Formation, Nate, James, and Richella answer listener questions about the difference between spiritual formation and discipleship, transforming negative thoughts, and virtual spiritual interactions and the role of rootedness.

Show Notes

[1:44] What is the difference between spiritual formation and discipleship?

[14:28] Dwight L Moody says Character is what you are in the dark.” My early morning, just woken up thoughts, are often fearful, negative, and sometimes bitter. Once I focus on, say Psalm 23, The Lord’s prayer or some other quiet, spiritual reading or reflection I feel the bubbling bitterness leaving me, and as the day unfolds, I do pray, reflect, and ask Jesus to be with me in all parts of my day. I am worried, however, that the real me is to be found in those first angry thoughts. Can I reach a point where these thoughts don’t feature without suppressing them through gritted teeth?

[29:49] We are moving to more and more virtual spiritual interactions. But somehow I think God means us to be rooted in place, location, family, people. How should we as Image-Bearers handle this new challenge?


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