In this week’s episode of the Renovaré Podcast, Nathan talks with Charles Moore, of Plough Publishing, about his upcoming book, Following the Call: Living the Sermon on the Mount Together.

Show Notes

[2:55] Why is the Sermon on the Mount so important to you at the Bruderhof community?

[7:18] Tell me a little about your process of making decisions about what to put in the book and what not to.

[10:40] I I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have failed to grasp how this really was spoken to community and meant to be lived out in community. I’m really curious to hear what that looks like for you guys to try and live this out, and practically, day to day what this looks like.

[14:55] In compiling all the essays, were there new insights that you gained personally or different ways in which you begin to see the sermon on the Mount?

[19:05] Do you have a favorite?

[21:08] Give me your hope for readers. What is your hope for this book?

[24:00] Could you let people know a little about Plough?


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