Podcast guest Carol Berry talks with Nate about how she came to know the life of Vincent van Gogh through the teachings of Henri Nouwen, and what she has learned from these two men about solidarity, compassion, and art as a way to touch people’s lives.

Show Notes

[3:10] Can I tell you about how I discovered Van Gogh?

[5:17] When did you first begin to love Vincent’s work?

[8:24] What do you think Vincent was trying to say to people?

[11:05] Those doors [of pastoral ministry] were closed for him, correct?

[16:12] I’ve always been curious about Starry Night. The church light… why is it out?

[17:55] What was it like to sit in Nouwen’s class in 1979?

[20:04] The compassionate life… can you speak a little about that?

[23:07] Did you get a sense of Henri’s favorite Van Gogh painting?

[25:05] Is there any connection you see between the two [men’s lives]?

[27:50] The end of Vincent’s life… what do you make of how things turned out for him?

[30:32] You did another book on the spiritual life of Vincent. Can you tell us a little about that book?

[32:00] How did these two men impact your life?

[34:13] There’s an honesty in Vincent’s work that I don’t understand, but I think he told the truth. What are your thoughts on that?


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