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How to Become a Listening Group Coordinator

The Listening Group Coordinator is at the core of Fellowship of the Burning Heart (FBH). Our goal is to provide Coordinators with ongoing resources and support to empower them to start and maintain a Listening Group. 

The role of the Listening Group Coordinator is to:

  • Determine group logistics
  • Meet with applicants to discern if an FBH Listening Group is right for them in this season
  • Welcome and shepherd members through the Listening Group process during their New Group Orientation
  • Gently keep the group operating within the Order of Meeting guidelines and Core Values
  • Participate as an equal member of the group during the sharing process as the Facilitator role rotates between members

Listening Group Coordinators receive training, mentoring, resources, and ongoing support throughout the year, and have access to a community of other Coordinators and FBH staff for encouragement and guidance.


Coordinator FAQ — Please read before applying

What are the qualities are you looking for in a Coordinator?


  • Are committed to living into the Renovaré Covenant
  • Are fully supportive of Renovaré’s Core Ideas and Beliefs and the FBH Core Values
  • Desire to engage with others on a similar path
  • Understand and appreciate (or are willing and eager to learn more about) Christian Spiritual Formation and various Christian traditions (Streams)
  • Appreciate the Listening Group structure; are willing to help foster and protect a space where members are free to share without being interrupted, asked questions, or given advice
  • Believe in the value of silence and the importance of a group where members favor God’s voice above their own
  • Embrace the idea that Listening Groups can serve as a space where those seeking to follow Jesus can gather free from social, political, and theological divisions
  • Respect the unique spiritual journey of each person; understand that growth in the spiritual life doesn’t require everyone to read the same books or have the same experiences
  • Are able to commit to leading their own Listening Group (once it has started) for one year. 

What are the responsibilities of a Coordinator?

  • Attend scheduled Coordinator Group meetings (these are led by your Coordinator Companion - a mentor for your journey)
  • Attend Coordinator Training (we are in the process of developing a new Coordinator Training program which should be up and running in a few months)
  • Commit to lead an online or in-person Listening Group for 12 months (we will assist in helping you form and get your group started)
  • Hold discernment conversations with applicants to help discern if joining would benefit them and the group in their current season of life
  • Organize a Group Orientation (we provide the structure and content) — in person or online — to prepare your group for the monthly Listening Group meetings
  • Graciously help the group stay within the parameters of the Listening Group structure and FBH Values
  • Help foster a safe space where members are free to share openly and honestly

What is the application and training process?

We ask all applicants to attend one of our online Drop-In Listening Groups (if you have not already done so) to help you discern if this role is a fit for you in this season of life before submitting an application. You can register for one or more of those here. Once we receive your application, we will set up a time for a dis­cern­ment con­ver­sa­tion with one of our FBH staff. After we jointly discern that this is a good fit (for you and for us), you’ll be invited to register for Coordinator Training and will be put into a Coordinator Group which will be led by one of our Coordinator Companions.

What are Coordinator Companions and Coordinator Groups?

Because the role of Coordinator is so critical to the life of a Listening Group, it’s important to us that we not only provide adequate resources and training for you to feel equipped and empowered to step into this role, but also invest in you as a person and your ongoing spiritual life.

To help with these aims, you will be meeting in a Coordinator Group for one year with 5-6 other Coordinators from your Coordinator Training cohort. Your Coordinator Group will be led by a Coordinator Companion.  Coordinator Companions are experienced Coordinators who will act as a mentor for you during your first year. This group will meet online once a month for six months and then shift to every other month for the remaining six months. These meetings become further training in the Listening Group process and also become your own Listening Group as you participate in the sharing process each time.

The first step toward becoming a Fellowship of the Burning Heart Coordinator is to attend an online drop-in group and submit an application.