When you are in a room with others all anticipating that God will speak, where his voice is valued above all others, all eager that he will show up, all prayerfully listening—beautiful transformation can happen. 

Members tell us over and over, “I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel loved.”

Welcome to Fellowship of the Burning Heart, a spiritual formation listening group experience that offers space to learn to discern God’s voice and listen to each other and our own hearts. It is a dispersed community of Jesus’ friends who long for deeper intimacy with the Triune God. Our primary purpose is to grow as disciples of Jesus—for our transformation, the world’s good, and God’s everlasting glory.

For one year, members commit to meet monthly in a two-hour Listening Group and to live into the Renovaré Covenant and Burning Heart Values.


In these groups of four to seven, we:

Offer generous and unhurried space to share without interruption, questions, or advice

Experience the freedom of listening without having to respond, fix, or correct one another

Forgo fear of others’ judgment, impression management, and advice giving

Can share honestly about our journey with God

Learn to discern the voice of God in community

Favor God’s voice over our own

Welcome prayerful silence

Give and receive prayer

Are for one another!

If this resonates with you, here are the next steps