Here are some resources men­tioned in Wait­ing Togeth­er: Advent Songs and Stories

web­cast con­ver­sa­tion between Steve Bell, Mal­colm Gui­te, and Car­olyn Arends.


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    Resources rec­om­mend­ed by Car­olyn Arends

    Oth­er Resources Men­tioned in the Webi­nar and Chat:

    • Quote: Advent! A holy sea­son in which we con­nect again with our incon­solable long­ing,’ as C.S. Lewis called it — our yearn­ing for the One who is to come and is also, mys­te­ri­ous­ly, the One who has come already — come as a child, come as a fel­low-suf­fer­er, come as Sav­iour, and yet whose com­ing, already achieved, we hold at bay from our­selves, so that we have to learn afresh each year, even each day, how to let Him come to us again. — Mal­colm Guite

    • The Weight of Glo­ry by CS Lewis