About the Workshop

Tucked inside the creative process of writing, there lies a deep well of grace from the Lord. Grace to strengthen and to restore:

  • your connection with God, 
  • a healthy view of your own personal story and identity as God’s beloved,
  • hope, joy, and wholeness when you are wounded or weary or spiritually dry.

For Katelyn Dixon, writing has been a lifeline — a practice through which God has redeemed painful experiences and filled her cup with joy. Katelyn has described her spiritual journey as climbing out of destruction” on stepping stones made of words.” 

As our Workshop Guide, Katelyn will share a bit of her own story and lead three hands-on writing exercises where you will have an opportunity to write your own creative piece and share it with a small group of fellow Christians

Whatever wounds or longings you bring with you…

Whether writing comes naturally for you or is more of a stretch”…

You’re invited to join us as we set our intentions on meeting God in word-crafting and receiving the grace he has for us. Bring your journal and favorite pen, and settle in for an afternoon / evening of restorative writing with the Renovaré community.