Learn Practical Tools and Spiritual Practices for Loving Your Neighbor Well

Politics is more than a vote every four years or an awkward topic for dinner conversation. 

It is the forming, norming and sustaining some kind of common life between friends, strangers, enemies, and the friendless,” as one professor put it. 

Common life despite differences and disagreements? Not something our culture’s been doing so well recently.

But Michael Wear (founder and president of The Center for Christianity and Public Life) wants to help move forward in a better direction. Drawing on the wisdom of Dallas Willard, Michael wants to guide us into spiritual practices that nurture love for our neighbor and shape us for fruitful political engagement. 

On Thursday, February 22 at 6pm Eastern Time, Michael is hosting a two-and-a-half-hour Renovaré online workshop, Politics and Spiritual Formation

We’ll give attention to the kind of inward life we’re cultivating and its implications on our political decisions and involvement. There will be ample time for live Q&A, and small group discussions where we can practice the kind of listening and speaking that Christ models for us. 

Whether politics energizes you or fills you with dread, we invite you to join us for this workshop that will offer you the chance to consider the Lord’s invitations to engage in public life with a renewed and renewing spirit. 

Space is limited and the cost of the workshop is $69.