Here are some resources men­tioned in the For­ma­tion­al Fic­tion Round-Up: Sto­ries That Shape Our Souls web­cast con­ver­sa­tion between Karen Swal­low Pri­or, Patri­cia Ray­bon, Ter­ry Glaspey, Jus­tine Olawsky, and Car­olyn Arends.

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Resources Rec­om­mend­ed by Karen Swal­low Prior

Resources rec­om­mend­ed by Patri­cia Raybon

  • Resources and addi­tion­al rec­om­mend­ed fiction:
    • Robert McK­ee: Sto­ry: Sub­stance, Struc­ture, Style and the Prin­ci­ples of Screenwriting

      • Quote: Mas­ter sto­ry­tellers give us the dou­ble-edged encounter we crave. First, the dis­cov­ery of a world we do not know…Second, once inside this alien world, we find our­selves. Deep with­in these char­ac­ters and their con­flicts, we dis­cov­er our own human­i­ty. We go to the movies to enter a new, fas­ci­nat­ing world, to inhab­it vic­ar­i­ous­ly anoth­er human being who at first seems so unlike us and yet at heart is like us, to live in a fic­tion­al real­i­ty that illu­mi­nates our dai­ly real­i­ty. We do not wish to escape life but to find life, to use our minds in fresh, exper­i­men­tal ways, to flex our emo­tions, to enjoy, to learn, to add depth to our days. Sto­ry was writ­ten to fos­ter films of arche­typ­al pow­er and beau­ty that will give the world this dual plea­sure.” – Robert McK­ee, Sto­ry: Sub­stance, Struc­ture, Style, and the Prin­ci­ples of Screenwriting”

    • Ken­neth Burke: Equip­ment for Liv­ing: The Lit­er­ary Reviews of Ken­neth Burke

    • Flan­nery O’Con­nor: A Prayer Journal

    • Vic­tor Hugo: Les Mis­er­ables

    • Upton Sin­clair: The Jun­gle

    • Willa Cather: My Anto­nia

    • San­dra Cis­neros: Carame­lo

    • Books by Ernest J Gaines

    • Books by Alice Walk­er

  • Patricia’s Web­site

  • Patri­cia on Social Media: Twit­ter, Insta­gram, and Face­book

Resources rec­om­mend­ed by Ter­ry Glaspey

Resources men­tioned by Jus­tine Olawsky

Rec­om­mend­ed Fiction: 

Resources and addi­tion­al rec­om­mend­ed fiction:

Jus­tine Olawsky on Goodreads

Oth­er Resources Men­tioned in the Webi­nar and Chat:

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