Jesus gave us the Great Commission: the charge to make disciples of all the nations. Dallas Willard famously argued that many churches inadvertently participate in a Great Omission” by focusing on making Christians” over making disciples.” The resulting elephant in the sanctuary” is the possibility of a life-long church attendee who never directly experiences the transforming friendship of the Trinity. In this webinar, host Carolyn Arends will talk with two pastors who seek to make transformational discipleship central. Mandy Smith (author of The Vulnerable Pastor and Unfettered) shepherds the congregation at St. Lucia Uniting Church in Queensland, Australia. Jason Feffer leads the experimental praxis-based church known as The Practice in Barrington, IL. Together, guided by participant questions, these friends and fellow disciples will help us explore topics like:

  • How can church leaders cast a more compelling vision for an interactive life with God?
  • How can congregants and lay leaders encourage a more formational emphasis in the culture of their churches?
  • What are some common barriers to the making of disciples in church life?
  • What is currently working? What needs to change?
  • How can we avoid doing, in Mandy’s words, Kingdom things in Empire ways?”
  • What most helps a congregation fall in love with Jesus?