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Whole Prayer

by Walter Wangerin

A trust­wor­thy guide to an inti­mate and refresh­ing rela­tion­ship with God Award-win­ning author Wal­ter Wan­gerin Jr. grace­ful­ly explores the dynam­ics of prayer – of speak­ing, of lis­ten­ing, of wait­ing, and of hear­ing God’s voice. With lumi­nous prose, he sur­veys the land­scape of com­mu­ni­ca­tion with God – what prayer feels like, looks like, and sounds like. He points out that whole prayer is a cir­cle, closed and com­plete. We pour out our hearts and minds to God, who lis­tens as we do. Then we lis­ten intent­ly for his voice when he speaks. Wan­gerin encour­ages read­ers not to elim­i­nate any part of the cir­cle so we don’t cut the con­ver­sa­tion short.


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