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The Way of Grace

Finding God on the Path of Surrender

by Glandion Carney

No mat­ter how old you are or how many degrees you have or don’t have — when grace takes you to school, you start in kindergarten.”

This was the expe­ri­ence of Glan­dion Car­ney when he was giv­en the life-alter­ing news that he has Parkin­son’s dis­ease. He was plunged into denial and despair. This was not sup­posed to be his jour­ney. How could he face it?

With poignant vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty, The Way of Grace describes one man’s jour­ney into a new land of God’s amaz­ing grace. Both his hon­esty and his resilience will inspire and inform your own times of difficulty.

In each chap­ter we are intro­duced to a spir­i­tu­al prac­tice that can car­ry us through dif­fi­cult days: accep­tance, relin­quish­ment, com­mu­ni­ty, sim­plic­i­ty and more. And a guide at the end of each chap­ter car­ries us into a brief and refresh­ing expe­ri­ence with each of the practices.

God’s unmer­it­ed grace saves us, strength­ens us and sanc­ti­fies us. We too can expe­ri­ence lives full of grace and truth, coura­geous­ly search­ing out God’s won­ders every day.



Glandion Carney's The Way of Grace is a gift from the heart of one of the very best spiritual directors I have ever known. For some, receiving the dreaded diagnosis of Parkinson's would be a death knell, but for my friend Glandion, it became the occasion to ring a different bell, and to mine his own soul for lessons of grace.
Gary W. Moon, executive director of the Dallas Willard Center

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