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The Power of Touch in Transforming Lives

by Rudy Rasmus

Before God touched his heart and transformed his life, Rudy Rasmus was a businessman running a borderline bordello” in Houston. But God touched his life and gave him a genuine love for every person in his community – from the apparently powerful to the admittedly powerless. Now Rudy’s ministry at St. John’s Downtown in Houston – where he serves with spouse and RENOVARE Team Member Juanita Rasmus – is based on Jesus’s encouragement to care for the least of these.” Touch is the story of Rudy’s life, his response to God’s grace, and his passion to touch every person with God’s great love. This is a book of biblical truths and ministry principles, but more than that, it’s the story of God using Rudy and St. John’s to reach into people’s deepest fears and highest hopes – and touch them with God’s transforming love.


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