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The Power of Touch in Transforming Lives

by Rudy Rasmus

Before God touched his heart and trans­formed his life, Rudy Ras­mus was a busi­ness­man run­ning a bor­der­line bor­del­lo” in Hous­ton. But God touched his life and gave him a gen­uine love for every per­son in his com­mu­ni­ty – from the appar­ent­ly pow­er­ful to the admit­ted­ly pow­er­less. Now Rudy’s min­istry at St. John’s Down­town in Hous­ton – where he serves with spouse and REN­O­VARE Team Mem­ber Juani­ta Ras­mus – is based on Jesus’s encour­age­ment to care for the least of these.” Touch is the sto­ry of Rudy’s life, his response to God’s grace, and his pas­sion to touch every per­son with God’s great love. This is a book of bib­li­cal truths and min­istry prin­ci­ples, but more than that, it’s the sto­ry of God using Rudy and St. John’s to reach into people’s deep­est fears and high­est hopes – and touch them with God’s trans­form­ing love.


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